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Marţi, 19 Ianuarie 2021 11:19


 Grade în artele marţiale cu provenienţă / istorie din Japonia :

Jūdan (十段) – al X-lea grad – neagră cu zece trese

Kudan (九段) – al IX-lea grad – neagră cu nouă trese

Hachidan (八段) – al VIII-lea grad – neagră cu opt trese

Shichidan / Nanadan (七段) – al VII-lea grad – neagră cu șapte trese

Rokudan (六段) – al VI-lea grad – neagră cu șase trese

Godan (五段) – al V-lea grad – neagră cu cinci trese

Yodan (四段) – al IV-lea grad – neagră cu patru trese

Sandan (三段/参段) – al III-lea grad – neagră cu trei trese

Nidan (二段/弐段) – al II-lea grad – neagră cu două trese

Shodan / Ichidan (初段) – Primul (I) grad – neagră cu o tresă


1 kyu – maro cu tresă neagră

2 kyu – maro

3 kyu – albastră cu tresă maro

4 kyu – albastră

5 kyu – verde cu tresă albastră

6 kyu – verde

7 kyu – roşie cu tresă verde

8 kyu – roşie

9 kyu – galbenă cu tresă roşie

10 kyu – galbenă

11 kyu – albă cu tresă galbenă

12 kyu – albă


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WKF tests new system for Kata evaluation PDF Imprimare Email
Vineri, 30 Martie 2018 16:12


   The Competition Rules Commission of the World Karate Federation tested this past weekend a new and improved system for evaluating the Kata competition. The test of the updated system was conducted during the Swedish National Karate Championships; it aims at applying electronic procedures in the evaluation of the Kata performance. 

  The new system is based on a panel of seven judges giving one-point value for technique and another for athleticism, which respectively amounts to 70% and 30% of the total points. The two highest and the two lowest scores are eliminated thus leaving three scores in each category that are added up to result in the total count of points awarded to the athlete.

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